March 6, 2009

Food Blog with No Food (part 2)

Don't worry, I didn't actually go without food from February 11th until now.  Actually, I ended 72 hours after I started.  I had planned to go longer, but a few obstacles stood in my way.  I'll get to those later.  First, the details.

In short, it wasn't much fun.  I felt like a zombie.  Except not a scary zombie.  More like a zombie that's too lazy to get up off the couch to eat some brains because he feels completely worthless.  That's how tired I was.  The hunger really wasn't an issue.  By day 2 I could feed lil O food without a desire to take a bite myself.  Really, the big issue for my stopping the fast was the feeling worthless part.

As for other physical symptoms, my urine was pretty odious.  Also, I dreaded going to sleep, because I would sleep poorly then wake up super early.  I guess you rest so much during the day that you don't need much sleep, which results in supreme boredom.  So, all these factors convinced me to stop on the third day since I really didn't have any motivation to continue.  I mean, I've been eating a pretty healthy diet for about 2 years.  That has to help with cleansing somewhat, right?

Apparently not enough.  The big event of the fast was on the morning of the third day.  I had decided the night before to end the fast in the morning with an apple.  So, I woke up at about 6:00 a.m. (2 hours earlier than normal) and grabbed an apple.  I like eating apples in slices, so I got my knife and cutting board ready, gave my first meal a nice sniff, then ran to the toilet to vomit up a bunch of green bile-ish stuff.  After three or four bouts of that, I turned to the sink and coughed up a bunch of mucus.  

Weird, huh?

Definitely not pleasant, but I did feel better after.  Although this does raise an interesting question.  I haven't been sick with a mucus producing cough in at least 2 years.  So, how long has that mucus been there?  It definitely didn't arrive after I started the fast.  Kinda gross to think about what else is stored inside my body.

I've heard that your first fast is the worst, and from the next one on all those stories about rejuvenation are more true.  I'll try it again sometime for sure, but I'll wait until I feel like being a zombie again.

February 11, 2009

Food Blog with No Food

I'm 28 hours into a water only fast.  Over the next few days I'll do my best to keep the blog updated with my progress.  I've heard a few bizarre tid-bits about fasting, and I hope to add to those.  In some ways, I'll be disappointed if something weird doesn't happen, such as my urine turning brown.  I'm really pushing for that one.  I'll definitely post about that if it happens. Although a picture probably won't accompany it since we mellow in this household.  Don't want to skew the results, ya know.  

For the background info:  I've never fasted in my life.  I may have skipped a few meals here or there, but nothing intentional.  I'm a complete novice, and I'm sure I didn't read up on the subject as much as I should have.  My initial spur for starting the fast was reading Alan Tillotson's One Earth Herbal Sourcebook over Christmas.  A truly great book.  My biggest issue with the book was the inadequate index, but, as I found last night, he provides the entire book online with a SEARCH FEATURE!  Awesome.  Anyways, there's a tidbit in the book on detox as a spring-cleaning type of activity.  It's not much, but you can read it about it here, just scroll down to the part on Detoxification First.  

I followed his advice, and ate only fresh fruit (2 apples, a pear, 1 1/2 bananas, and 1/2 an orange) for dinner.  My breakfast was a homemade granola bar (a super secret recipe from The Covert Cupboard subscription bakery we're opening in Kirksville, MO), a slice of mexican pizza (with refried beans, enchilada sauce from Veganomicon, corn, onions, and peppers), and a few apples throughout the day.  

So far, the insights are: my first night was the most difficult.  I instinctively wanted to snack, although I'm not really a big eater.  I mean, I love food, but I'm 5'3 and only weigh 105 lbs.  My wife and I split a meal at a restaurant then still bring home leftovers.  This morning I was hungry, but not excruciatingly so.  It was pretty identical to just feeling hungry.  That feeling lasted all day, but has subsided for the evening.  It's being replaced by a sensation of emptiness in my stomach, almost like it's sinking in.  On a grosser note, I took a laxative last night and tonight in the hopes of clearing out my colon.  Moving on.  (Get it?!)

Also, I haven't had a desire to eat a big meal or stuff myself.  Moreso, is the desire to eat an apple or granola bar or chips and salsa.  Just a snack.  My body feels kinda hungry, so I think, "I should eat something."  Then, I think, "oh yeah, I'm fasting.  Whoops."   In short, the most difficult part isn't the hunger, but breaking the habit of eating.

Finally, the only physical ailment I've felt is getting light headed when I stand up.  This has only started happening in the last few hours (about 24 hours into the fast).  I've read it goes away after the first day or two, and I sincerely hope that it's true.  It's just blasted inconvenient to feel as though you'll faint anytime you want to go somewhere.

Here's to hoping.