March 23, 2008

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Scones

These ain't yo momma's old-fashioned "I just look like a sorry excuse for a biscuit" scones.  These are "forget the tea, I can't spare any precious scone room in my tummy" scones.  It's a classic of ours, really Michelle's, as she does all the work and I mmmmmm enjoy.  There's nothing, NOTHING, I say, that's better than these scones.  Not even this.  

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Scones
1 cup soy yogurt
1 t baking soda
1/2 t vanilla extract
4 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 t baking powder
3/4 t salt
3/4 cup vegan butter 
(we used Earth Balance)
3/4 chocolate chips
about 1/2 cup raspberries
In a small bowl mix soy yogurt, baking soda, and vanilla.  Set aside.  In a large bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt, then cut in the butter into the dry mixture until it forms small crumbs.  Mix in the chocolate chips.  Now, add the yogurt mixture into the large bowl and combine (Michelle had to use her hands, I held her huge rock). You might have to knead it to get all the crumbs in there, but keep with it.  It's almost done.  Preheat the oven to 350.  Divide dough in half and on a lightly floured surface, pat each half into a rectangle.  Like the picture so beautifully illustrates.  Scatter the raspberries across the surface. 

Roll it up into a long log and pat it down, seam side down.  Again, like so.
Now, cut it into squares, then go back and cut the squares into triangles.  Once more, like so.
Put 'em on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350.  Sit, back, forget the tea, and enjoy.


Manda said...

Gorgeous, and I love your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

better than buckethead, hmmm?

i'm so thrilled to find such a yummy blog. yay!

M & J Jones said...

I know it's a stretch, but I stand behind the comment. Scones #1, Buckethead #1.01.

Shay said...

Totally making these. Chocolate and raspberries are my two most favorite things.

Laura Swan said...

Does this make two logs, or do I put the second half of the dough over the first after the raspberries are sprinkled on? Also--any idea how many this makes?


M & J Jones said...

It makes two logs, and it makes about 2 dozen (1 dozen per log). Tell us how it turns out!

Laura Swan said...

Oh, they were amazing! I used sucanat for the sugar and it gave them this beautiful speckled quality. I was afraid the dough was too crumbly, but baking took care of it. Unfortunately they were all eaten before I could create any scone porn. Thanks for the recipe! I'll make many variations in the future.

Anonymous said...

i've made these scones three times in the last week. they're delicious.

11ParapraxisRex11 said...

I am totally making these tonight. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

wonderful! I've been vegan for two years and haven't had a better scone! Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Try using raspberry chocolate chips if you can find them.

Anonymous said...

I found the recipe for these scones over the summer, shortly after becoming vegan, and since then I have made them often for tea parties, bake sales, dessert, breakfast, you name it. These scones are so so good and everyone loves them. They are my favorite thing to bake. Thank you for bringing a little extra yumminess and specialness to this vegan's life :)

AbbyShoe said...

Just made these. Amazing. I didnt use chocolate chips, just the raspberries. Pretty easy to make. Got sooo many compliments on them. Will definitely be making them again.

Anonymous said...

These scones were delicious- just made a batch sans chocolate chips and they turned out amazing. my favorite thing about these is that they function equally well as dessert and breakfast XD