August 1, 2008

19 Loaves

Farmer's Market is tomorrow, and this time, we're coming prepared.  

11 baguettes from poolish
3 round loaves from poolish
3 whole wheat round loaves
2 oval loaves from poolish

All recipes from Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes by Jeffrey Hamelman.  An incredible book to say the least.  


Zhi Zhi said...

You guys are making it harder for me to live here by posting all these delicious things that I can never have while in Korea.

Amey said...

oh my goodness.... they look so beautiful!!!

Luke said...

Those are beautiful. The rounds are exceptionally pretty. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Those look amazing; I want to eat all of them!

I'll have to look that book up; thanks for the recommendation! I'm definitely up for learning some new breads...I have a great family recipe for pizza dough that I can share with you if you'd like.

We are still looking to move up to Oregon. Hopefully in the next year! Tanner is done in May, so that's when we're hoping to head out of here...before it gets too hot! How about you three?

jessy said...

wow! what glorious awesomeness! mmmmmmmm!

bazu said...

oh wow! that looks like a delicious sea of bread-y goodness. mmmm. I'm inspired.

alaina said...

mmmmmmmm carbs!!

Anna said...

Those look fabulous and have once again revved up my interest in making my own bread, when my older one goes back to school I am determined to try it!

J-Dub said...

That bread looks amazing!!

You've been tagged!

DJ said...

I've nominated you for an award - check out my blog for details!

Lovliebutterfly said...

Wow! They look awesome! So perfect!

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Clotilde M said...

Yummy! Love that bread. Very inspiring.